Similar audiences – Google’s answer to Facebook’s lookalike targeting

Google’s answer to Facebook’s lookalike audiences is finally here and it is all we have been waiting for. If you are using remarketing lists in your AdWords campaigns, you are going to love this one. If you are active in the Facebook marketing scene, then you must know all about Facebook lookalike audiences. And if […]

Google Merchant Center (GMC) Backup

If you are in charge of at least one AdWords Shopping campaign, you are probably the person in charge of the Google Merchant Center account and feed upkeep. Whatever the level of your involvement is, it is very wise of you to backup your feed every couple of days (if not even daily). This is […]

Google AdWords Location Targeting Optimization

Dear AdWords user, Did you know that AdWords lets you bid on the postal code level when it comes to the location bidding? Location targeting Let us say that you want to target the United Kingdom in your AdWords campaign. You can achieve that fairly easily by entering “United Kingdom” in the location targeting settings in […]