Dear AdWords user,

Did you know that AdWords lets you bid on the postal code level when it comes to the location bidding?

Location targeting

Let us say that you want to target the United Kingdom in your AdWords campaign. You can achieve that fairly easily by entering “United Kingdom” in the location targeting settings in the AdWords platform. This is how 80% of AdWords users set up AdWords targeting.

Now, let us say that you want to be more aggressive in some region of the country, in one city or in the radius of your store or even in the postal code where your customers live.

You can achieve all of that by adding more narrow locations in the Settings tab of your campaign. Once you are in the Settings tab, click on the Locations tab and make sure that you go into the Advanced search settings.

AdWords Location Targeting Optimization

Here you have an option to add or exclude radios targets, cities, neighborhoods or even postal codes of your wanted locations.

If you want to bulk add the postal code numbers for your selected country, there are two suggested ways to do that:

Google/Wikipedia: (for the UK example that we have)


Google AdWords API location list:

Either way, you need to find the locations you want to enter in bulk and copy them here:

*You can only add 999 at a time. 

And once you do that, click on the Search button. And then click on the button titled Add all matched locations.

You have to find the proper list since Google AdWords has a specific way it depicts these locations in bulk.

Once you add all of the desired locations, all that is left to do is to Save the settings and possibly bid on them or wait for more data before doing so.

That would be it, dear advanced AdWords user. 🙂

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