If you are a PPC professional, you are probably deep in the jungle of AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, AdRoll, or some other paid advertising account. Those who live and thrive in this jungle usually don’t have that much time to watch webinars and listen to good podcasts as much as they would like.

I’ve taken the liberty to give you my short list of the 3 must watch webinars if you are a PPC or digital marketing professional.

1. Webinar – How To Increase Your Quality Score


2. Webinar – 5 Proven Strategies For Facebook Advertising Success

3. Webinar – Attribution Modeling

Find the time and try to watch these videos. You should be aware that, as always these webinars have sales talk hidden far beneath the surface, but the data they are giving you for free makes up for it. You’ll see. 🙂

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