If you are have just landed a new client that has Google Shopping campaigns and you’ve never managed Google Shopping campaigns or had access to Google Merchant Center, then you should most definitely read this.
The same goes for those who are interested in finding out how to set up a new feed in Google Merchant Center.
1) First, you log into your account and then go into the Feeds section and click on the + .
2) Now you need to set the type of the feed and the location that you are targeting. If you are creating a feed for Google AdWords purchases, then you need to create a Standard feed.
Test feeds only help you to identify the errors without the possibility of the suspension from AdWords.
3) Next step requires you to register your feed.
Here you have an option to manually upload the feed at least once a month or to schedule a fetch from a link.
4) At the end, you need to give a name to your feed and to set up the time and date you want your feed to be fetched (if you are going with the scheduled fetch option).
5) Once you’ve done that, you just need to wait for the feed to be processed and you can star with the creation of your new Google Shopping campaign.

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