If you are in charge of at least one AdWords Shopping campaign, you are probably the person in charge of the Google Merchant Center account and feed upkeep.

Whatever the level of your involvement is, it is very wise of you to backup your feed every couple of days (if not even daily).

This is important because you might end up with an error of some sort in your Shopping campaign or you might get suspended all of the sudden and you will want to go back and see what went wrong and at what point.

How to back up your feed from your Google Merchant Center account?

First, log into your Google Merchant Center account.

Then, click on the “GO TO DIAGNOSTICS” button.


After you do that, then click on the FEED you want to backup

All that is left now is for you to click on the DOWNLOAD FILE BUTTON

In the end, find a safe place to store your regular backups and hope you will never ever need them.

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