Google’s answer to Facebook’s lookalike audiences is finally here and it is all we have been waiting for. If you are using remarketing lists in your AdWords campaigns, you are going to love this one.

If you are active in the Facebook marketing scene, then you must know all about Facebook lookalike audiences. And if you had the opportunity to use them, then you must know how ineffective and costly they really are.

SLSA Campaigns – Similar lists for search ads

Google has stepped into this game and showed us (once again) how it is done.
It has been more than two weeks that I’ve been testing these audiences (similar to Converters / Buyers) and I’m testing them on both DSA and Shopping campaigns for an eCommerce website. The beauty here is that Google does all of the hard work for you, you just need to create a campaign with the structure set for remarketing lists and instead of remarketing audiences, just put similar audiences lists (Target and Bid).

In some cases, after several weeks of testing, they are showing the same number of conversions as the Converters/Buyers remarketing lists.

My suggestion to anyone who is not afraid of a little testing is to create an SLSA campaign right now and see how lookalike audiences should have looked like on Facebook.

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