google ads checklist
Ensure there are no full broad keywords
Review match types
Check quality scores and search impression share
Add links to keywords (if applicable)
If needed, create single keyword ad groups
Create negative keyword lists
Add targeting keywords from the search terms report
Add negatives from the search terms report
Check that landing pages are functional
Spell check ad copy
Place keywords in your ad copy
Set page paths (optional, but recommended)
Redefine CPC bids (is Max CPC bigger than Avg.CPC)
Ad Groups
Group similar keywords together
Name ad groups according to their keywords
Ensure there are more than 3 ads in each ad group
Ensure there are no more than 50 keywords per ad group
Check/Set budgets
Specify location targeting -> Tagert people in your locations only, unless you really need to set this in some other way
Set campaign language targets to the language in which your website is written or all languages if the targeted area is small
Select the proper ad rotation
Choose the proper delivery method
Define ad scheduling (optional)
Set target devices (if applicable)
Ensure conversion tracking is set up
Ad Extensions (do you have them and why not?)
Make sure that AdWords and Google Analytics are linked
Make sure that your email lists are uploaded into AdWords
Make sure that the Audiences are connected to the campaigns
Double check Bid Only / Target and Bid strategy and implementation
Additional checks
Is auto-tagging on?
Are individual accounts that have access to the AdWords account safe?
Do managers have two-step verification on their accounts?

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